Multi-Level Storage Mezzanine Platform Shelving

Full Mat Shelving System - Multi Level Storage

Free Standing Mezzanine - Multi Level StorageMulti-Level Shelving can double or even triple the existing storage space in your facility. By taking advantage of unused overhead space, Multi-Level or Mezzanine Systems are a cost effective alternative to new building construction.

We offer the expertise to design systems that are a great value and meet compliance for IBC 2012 codes for fire, weight & safety.

Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Museums, E-Commerce, Archives, Military

We represent the best of breed manufacture Steele Solutions for multi level platforms.

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We offer three types of mezzanine designs:

  • Full Mat Shelving Systems are proven solid, strong and versatile because they use existing shelving that is to support an upper level system of bins, racks and walkways.  A “second floor” of grating is built over the entire lower level. The full mat allows relatively unlimited shelving placement and offers a practical and economical alternative to freestanding mezzanines.  Since no post-to-post match-ups are required, second level storage units of differing sizes and types can be used.
  • Catwalk Shelving Systems utilize aisles attached to the shelving itself and a second level of shelving, either vertically continuous from or stacked as an extension of the lower level shelving. This requires post-to-post match-ups between levels but makes catwalks less expensive to construct.
  • Freestanding Mezzanine Systems provide the separate structure to expand your business, not your building, maximizing use of your expensive floor space to provide needed production, assembly, office or storage areas for growth.

StorMor is an authorized distributor for Steele Solutions in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, East Tennessee and West North Carolina