Compact High Density Rolling Shelving

StorMor is an authorized distributor for the design and implementation of compact high density rolling shelving.

StorMor specialize in the design, installation, move and repair of compact mobile storage systems. As design specialists we meet compliance for OSHA, ADA and IBC requirements including fire, floor loading and seismic

Compact storage takes cabinets or shelving of any type and places them on rolling carriages eliminating aisles. This concept can double your capacity in the same space or reduce the space you currently utilize by 50%.

Compact storage systems are configured to your specific needs. Length of carriages range from 3′ to 50′.

Compact systems are available in manual, mechanical assist and power units. Mechanical Assist are the most popular with the standard drive systems able to move 6,ooo lbs. with 1 plb. of effort. Power systems are ideal for high activity environments where moving many units at once is needed.

Located in the Atlanta market we represent Montel in Southeast U.S.

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Compact Shelving for Office, Museum, Industrial, Military, Library, Athletics, Retail, Vertical Grow Systems

We service and move HiDensity Spacesaving Systems, Elecompack, Directline, Spacepro, Datum, Kardex, Richard Wilcox, Borroughs Aislesaver, Spacesaver, TAB.