Compact Storage Systems

StorMor serves as an independent distributor and solution provider for the design and implementation of high density compact storage systems. We design, install move and repair compact mobile storage systems.

Compact Shelving in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Athens, Knoxville, Macon, Charlotte, Birmingham, Raleigh, Auburn, Columbus

Compact storage takes cabinets or shelving of any type and places them on rolling carriages eliminating aisles. This concept can double your capacity in the same space or reduce the space you currently utilize by 50%.

Compact storage systems are configured to your specific needs. Length of carriages range from 3′ to 50′.

Compact systems are available in manual, mechanical assist and power units. Mechanical Assist are the most popular with the standard drive systems able to move 6,ooo lbs. with 1 plb. of effort. Power systems are ideal for high activity environments where moving many units at once is needed.

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As design specialists we meet compliance for OSHA, ADA and IBC requirements including fire, floor loading and seismic.

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Compact Shelving for Office, Museum, Industrial, Military, Library, Athletics

We represent the best of breed manufacture Montel. The safest, smoothest rolling system available.

We service and move HiDensity Spacesaving Systems, Elecompack, Directline Spacepro, Datum, Richard Wilcox, Borroughs Aislesaver,Spacesaver, TAB and just about anything that is fit to move.


The benefits of high density compact mobile shelving are numerous and go further beyond what is listed here, but just to give you an idea of what high density can do for you, it can:

  • Reduce your storage floorspace by half or double your storage in the same footprint as static shelves
  • Mobile shelving can be relocated and modified
  • Creates extra space for revenue-driven activities, such as production lines or work stations for employees
  • Allows you to bring items stored offsite back onsite where they are used
  • Mobile shelving can store anything from microchips to aircraft engines
  • Reduces energy operating costs to cool, heat, light,and maintain your building or lease space
  • Can reduce or eliminate new construction, as well as the costs and down time associated with construction projects
  • Allows you centralize storage in one place to improve the flow of materials and make it easier and faster for employees to retrieve and store goods
  • Helps to reduce pilferage by unauthorized workers
  • Promotes organization of materials, increasing employee morale and productivity
  • Available in a wide selection of colors and finishes to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution. End panels are available in laminate, veneer, steel, metallic, acrylic, and more