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    Library Shelving 

    Library Shelving

    Cantilever Shelving, Archive Shelving, Compact Shelving and Display Systems for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries.

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    Pharmacy Shelving 

    Pharmacy Shelving

    High density pharmacy storage can help organize your bulk storage areas and save space for other healthcare applications.

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    Industrial Shelving 

    Industrial Shelving

    We offer industrial shelving systems for storing items of any type. From small parts to heavy equipment, we provide a variety of shelving designed specifically for your needs.

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    Automotive Parts Shelving 

    Automotive Shelving

    We offer custom designed storage solutions for small parts, large parts, tires and more.

High Density Storage Systems – Compact Shelving/Multi-Level Mezzanine


Why StorMor? Expertise – Experience – Exceptional Service  

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Best of breed manufacturers include:

Montel – Compact Storage Solutions for Library, Museum, Archives, Industrial, Military,  Athletic, Retail and Office.
Steele Solutions – Multi-level Platforms
Borroughs – Industrial Shelving, Automotive Parts Storage and Modular Drawer Cabinets

StorMor storage solutions get you organized and save you space!


Planning a new office/warehouse? We work closely with architects, designers, and facility managers to maximize efficiency with high density office storage systems. We design to meet all applicable OSHA, ADA, and International Building Code requirements for safety, fire, floor loading, and seismic. High density storage solutions come in many types: Learn More>>
Government agencies can purchase on GSA or state contracts. We offer storage solutions on GSA contract with Montel, Tennsco, HiDensity Spacesaving Systems and Datum.
Georgia State Contract with Hi-Density Spacesavings Systems.
Healthcare storage solutions/compact storage solutions on contract with Premier/Montel.
We serve clients throughout the southeast with High Density, Compact, Rolling Shelving. Cities include but not limited to Atlanta, Nashville, Raleigh, Chattanooga, Auburn, Valdosta, Albany, Columbia, Savannah, Athens, Birmingham, Knoxville, Clemson, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Murfreesburo, Charlotte, Huntsville, Greensboro —————————————————————————————————–